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How to buy a DayTicket or WeekTicket via MobilePay



It is now possible to use MobilePay for Purchase of DayTickets or WeekTickets to the Sorø Lakes.

Pedersborg lake, Sorø lake and Tuel lake

You simply transfer 75 Dkk (DayTicket)  or 375 Dkk (WeekTicket) 

MobilePay number 97063

The receipt of your MobilePay app is your DayTicket / WeekTicket and must be displayed on request.

Membership and Cash only? read this..

Sorø Lystfiskerforening has also made an agreement with

Skjold Burne ( Wine store ) in Holberg Arkaden 3, 4180 Sorø

Here you can buy in business opening hours A MEMBERSHIP / DAY or WEEK ticket.

The prices in Skjold Burne are :  Day Ticket - 75 DKK,   A Week - 375 DKK,   Membership 725 DKK (year) / Boat key 350 DKK (year)

Enjoy your fishing!